"I will stand by you in joy, sorrow, celebrations, and life's trials. You have my loyalty, counsel and heart. And above all, you have my love."

David and Donna Norford

Marriage Wedding Officiants

Experienced, Depemdable, Affordable, Ready

David  540-840-2414

Donna  540-845-7306

Virginia ​Wedding Marriage Officiants Serving

Fredericksburg, King George, Colonial Beach, Stafford, Caroline, Spotsylvania, Westmoreland, Quantico, and

Riverwind Estate on the Potomac River, King George, Virginia

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The Virginia Civil Marriage Commissioner fee [$50] is limited by statute. 2011 Code of Virginia Title 20 Domestic Relations Chapter 2 Marriage Generally (20-13 thru 20-37.2) and specifically 20-27 [$50] fee for celebrating marriage at their residence or place of business. "Celebrants may negotiate additional fees with the parties to the marriage for traveling to other locations, for attendance at rehearsals, for providing facilities and for other optional services, including reimbursement for mileage and other out-of-pocket expenses." (Title 20-27 and the 1992 Report of the Attorney General 101)

Donna Norford

Marriage Commissioner